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Tile & Floor Cleaning


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The floor tiles or hardwood floors are one of the most important features of your home but the surfaces are prone to wear and tear, dirt and pollution build-up from unavoidable everyday use. This means it is very important to make sure that your tiles and hard floors are cleaned on a regular base to keep the surfaces in the best condition possible. If not cleaned regularly over time the abrasive action of every day traffic could damage the surface and that may result in the necessity to replace or repair the floor prematurely.

Here at Mega Services, we can appreciate the importance of keeping your tile and hard floor in the best condition, and can guarantee that by trusting us with your cleaning needs, we will ensure that the results surpass your expectations and we will provide a friendly professional service for you and your family.

As we regularly deal with tile and hard floor cleaning, we understand how it can be a hard and tedious job to do yourself. With our professional equipment we can bring your Tiles and Hardwood floors back looking like new. Our highly trained Technicians will treat your floors with the utmost respect and Professionalism.

With numerous types of tiles and hardwood floors in homes around Brisbane, we place high importance in customizing the best and safest method for each individual cleaning job. Our friendly, highly trained Technician will explain to you what he considers the best course of action to return your floors to their former glory and to ensuring that you are 100% happy with the process, he will be happily to answer any questions or concerns you may have before starting. It is very important that experience, knowledge and the best techniques are merged together for the best results to be obtained. Mega Services with always strive to deliver the professional and friendly service you deserve.


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