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Pest Management

Over the years I have heard some horror stories about Pest Control companies. Spraying chemicals around an aquarium and killing all the fish, spraying over or around pets food bowl, spraying on a kitchen bench where food is prepared. You would think that common sense, not to mention their training, would stop them from spraying with such carelessness and hazardous disregard for their clients.

Some of our new clients have told us that the last pest operator was only there for a total of 30 minutes, charged hundreds of dollars and when it came to getting them back when the pests returned soon after, their 12 month guarantee was not worth anything no matter how many times they called, so they contacted Mega Services Premium Pest Management. And this is the SERVICE you will receive from Mega Services Guaranteed

  1. We will arrive on time or you receive $10 off your services.
  2. Our Pest Inspector will introduce himself to you and explain the procedure he will be implementing and anything that he may require you to do before he starts.
  3. He will then mix the chemicals at the rate required for the safe and efficient control of pest in your home.
  4. After completing the services he will hand you a written report of any problems he found and explain anything he may require you to do in the future to assist in the control of the pests.
  5. There may not be a need to empty cupboards unless there is a very large problem with cockroaches. This will be determined with the inspector when you are booking the services
  6. The inspector will then assess your home and formulate a solution to your pest problem.

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